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Return To Mecca


The Messenger's opponents, who had persecuted him and his followers relentlessly for so long, were now at his mercy, awaiting punishment. When the Messenger had humbly thanked God for the success which had been granted to his community, he who came with the Message of mercy and salvation to all the world told them: 

'No blame is on you this day. Go to your homes, for you are all free.' 

' Even those who did not accept his teachings lived in peace, safety and protection, for the Holy Book clearly says, 'There is no compulsion in the matter of faith'(2:257) 

The last sermon, which the Messenger delivered on this occasion, was the fulfillment of his mission. He emphasized the Oneness of God, the sacredness of the Message, the coming of the Day of Judgment, respect for women and sanctity of life and property, saying, 'Know that all believers are brothers to one another. You are one brotherhood. I have left with you that which, if you take hold of and follow, your affairs will not go wrong, namely, the Book of God and the Practice of His Messenger...' The death of the Messenger The Messenger fell ill and, after rallying briefly, grew steadily worse, his strength failing rapidly. At noon on Monday, June 8, 632, while he was praying earnestly in a whisper, the spirit of the Last Messenger took flight to the 'blessed Companionship on high. '...To God we belong, and to Him is our return.' (2:156)


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